SEO and VOICE SEARCH: What is Its Significance on Your Campaign?

Many things have happened in SEO these past few years. Now, it seems that a new function is again in the process of shaping its future. This function has been here for a while now, but it is only recently when it started making a name in the SEO industry. This function is what everyone knows as the voice search now.

Voice search is a function that the industry actively adopted as soon as the mobile age started. Hence, it does not only play a role in shaping SEO’s future, but also on how strategies and techniques are implemented in this new age. What does this mean for digital marketers then? It means that their efforts must no longer just be focused on creating mobile-friendly websites. They must start integrating voice search in their strategies as well.


In a survey made in October 2014, about 41% of adults and 55% of teens in the US use the Google voice search feature more than once daily. The use of mobile voice search also doubled between the years 2013 and 2014. Fifty-six percent of these adults say that they use the feature as it makes them feel tech-savvy. Furthermore, both consumer groups agree that this search option is safer and more public-friendly than typing queries on smartphones.

Significance in SEO and Overall Internet Marketing

internet marketingAs seen above, voice search has been a huge convenience to many people since its introduction. Even digital marketers can benefit from this feature if they know how they can integrate it in their SEO efforts. But, more than those advantages, there is one key purpose for which voice search can be of extreme use. Its presence is also the key to stopping one of the significant issues that is circling the SEO industry – keyword stuffing.

True, this practice has once been accepted, which some online marketers are just too happy to put into application. As a result, instead of helping provide valuable information to users, it just helped fill the web with worthless content.

So, how can this feature finally put a stop to keyword stuffing and help with your SEO campaign? Simple, voice search does not focus on the use of generic keywords. Instead, it uses specific long-tail keywords to search for accurate answers on the web. By accurate, it means those that provide real answers to Who, What, Where, When, Why and How queries.

However, before you can achieve that, you need to get your site voice search-ready first. You can reach that stage by only taking a few key steps.

• Long-Tail Keywords – Instead of using short, generic keywords word for word, you need to think of the different ways users might make their inquiries concerning the keywords you are ranking. This is the only way users can the accurate information they need. If your website or content provides that, then you get higher chances of making sales. The concept that plays behind this as explained by Stephen Mahoney is that people use specific search phrases because they have the intention to buy. Therefore, specific searches are those that likely converts sales while generic searches simply help consumers get needed information to make a buying decision.

• FAQ Strategy – In this case, you will use this page on your website to do free marketing exposure. To do that, you only need to think of all possible questions consumers might have for you or relating to your business. Have a look at your FAQ section.

Perhaps, you already have the foundation on those answers and just need a little improvement. That is fine as long as the improved answers use the long-tail keywords you want optimized for voice search. If this is met, it does not matter if your service does not cover what the customer is looking for. As long as your FAQ section provides answers to their queries, it will get your website in the rankings. That is where the free marketing exposure comes.

• Natural Voice – The primary idea here is that you need to ensure your website is written in a natural way, like how customers speak when trying to find you. If your content is easy to read, then there is a higher chance for the search engine to read it.

Overall, voice search is now one of the top features shaping the SEO industry. If you want to ensure your website is optimized for voice searching as early as now, you only need to do three things. Make certain that your website is mobile-friendly, optimize it for local SEO and long-tail queries. For further suggestions, you may get in touch with SEO firms like for questions or schedule a consultation.

Advertise your Product using Custom Challenge Coins

There are different forms of advertisements available. We have been seeing same forms of ads over time and at some point, it has become a bore and therefore ineffective. Several companies and businesses still spend millions in ineffective ads. Therefore, instead of gaining more income, they are just incurring a loss.

Keeping up with the competition is a challenge. You must always be able to keep up with the players in the market. In order to be ahead of the game, you must be able always come up with something new. People normally become bored when presented the same thing repeatedly. People are always looking for something new and fresh.And that you can find on

Our team have observed that businesses or companies who use challenge coins to advertise their product get positive feedbacks from their clients or even potential clients. We have listed few of the possible reasons why custom challenge coins are an effective form of advertisement.

Custom Challenge Coins

1. People are more likely to remember you or your product if you present them something new. In any business, you always have to think of ways that will leave a mark on your customers or clients. Giving out custom challenge coins is something not normally done by businesses because they have an impression that it is going to be costly.

If your company is the first few among your industry that introduced the use of custom coins, then they will probably remember you compared to your other competitors.

2. People will appreciate the thought and effort you have exerted to come up with something special to give out to them. Instead of giving away flyers, which will probably just end up in a trash, give your potential clients valuable freebies like challenge coins.

If you give something special to your targeted market, they will give more attention to what you are offering and thus will give more value to your product.

3. The use of custom challenge coins in presenting your products to the market is an effective way of making your product or business stand out. Custom coins will set your business apart from your competitors.

These are just some of the benefits that you will reap from using custom challenge coins. Now, if you are already thinking of using challenge coins to present your product, you also have to consider a few things before you make the big purchase.

1. The Design

You have to come up with a design that will represent your product or business. You can hire a graphic artist to help you come up with the design that will be imprinted on the coin. With our team, we also have a group of graphic artists that help our undecided clients come up with a design.

The challenge coin is going to represent your company so choosing what to engrave on the coin must be done with utmost precision. The worst thing that can happen is to come up with something that will misrepresent your company.

2. Your Budget

In any investment, the cost must always be examined. The goal in advertising a product is to gain more clients. However, if by gaining more clients you will be overspending beyond what your business can afford then it might not be beneficial for you. You have to look for a supplier that will be able to deliver the items that you need at a price that you can afford.

3. Where to Buy

Custom challenge coins are not hard to find. You can find various suppliers online but it does not mean that you have to with the first one that you will find. In deciding where to buy your coins from, choose the one that will be able to help you come up with the coin that will help you grow your business.

Choose a supplier that has good reviews from satisfied clients — one supplier that has a proven record of excellence, reliability and professionalism. Consider your choice more as a partner in the growth of your business rather than just a mere provider of your challenge coins.

The Many Uses of the ID Lanyard

As the name suggests, ID lanyards are used to secure and display identification cards. This is widely used in schools, offices, hospitals, commercial premises and many other workplaces. They are really very convenient and easier to use compared the other contraptions such as the safety pins that were used in combination with the IDs before. However, while the modern day lanyard is popularly used for IDs, they are also used for a lot of other purposes.

1. Lanyard for keys

Losing your keys can be very frustrating. This could mean being locked out of your car, or being unable to enter your house when you badly need to. Most people find it practical and useful to turn the regular ID lanyards into key holders. It holds your set of keys together and it can be conveniently hung around the neck so it will not get lost. It also provides easy access when needing to use your keys with just one hand.

ID lanyards

2. Electronic gadget accessory

The trusty ID lanyards are now fast becoming the perfect accessory to a gadget. Mobile phones, MP3 players, and other miniscule gadgets are given an extra appeal when attached to a lanyard. It also serves a purpose of enabling the bearer to better handle the gadget hands free. Hanging your phone over your neck means that you need not scour your dump when you hear your phone ring. It also ensures that you do not lose your gadget by keeping it close to you as possible. A lanyard tied to the wrist is also a big thing today and is mostly used for mobile phones. This is a safer way of handling our mobile phones to make sure that they do not fall off your hand.

3. Promotional materials

This is perhaps the most widely used promotional material today. Because a lot of people are increasingly in need of the ID lanyards for a lot of uses, marketing people have seen how lanyards are loved by customers. Customized lanyards can promote a product or company in many ways. They can be mass produced in the color that your company is known for. Logos and the name of your company can also be printed on the lanyard. The look of the lanyard can also vary with the occasion. There are sleek designs that go with the corporate look of a well-established company. They can also be produced in a braided style to make it appealing to the young the young generation. For sports oriented companies and activities, lanyards with whistles are a popular thing. With the lanyard worn by many, it provides free exposure of a brand name and logo to the public.

4. Advocacy and Campaign

A number of people are also wearing ID lanyards to show their advocacy and affiliation, or as a form of self-expression. One liner advocacies such as “Save the Polar Bears” can be woven into the lanyard to get the message out to as many people as possible. A lanyard with a flag design can be used to show love of country. In conferences and conventions, the advocacy or the theme of the conference can be highlighted by printing it on the lanyard, which would also serve as a useful give-away for the participants.

Lanyards are also great for attaching to prescription glasses and sunglasses to prevent them from falling off whenever you are engaged in an outdoor activity like a sporting event. Dual end lanyards are the best accessories to also ensure that you do not lose your glasses in times when you are very busy. feature a wide selection of custom lanyard that can be imprinted with your text and/or logo.


The Advantages Of Using The Movable Cubicle

Moving stuff is easy but moving a room is not. But thanks to movable cubicles, even rooms can be transferred from one place to another without having to do major changes in your home or office. Because of this, some people are now choosing the idea of using movable cubicles instead of building concrete rooms.

A movable cubicle is cheaper.

Using this option for making rooms is far cheaper than using permanent materials such as concrete cement. Why? First, since the cubicle is movable you do not have to tear down or destroy it just so you can redesign a room or a space. Instead you just transfer the cubicles to where they are supposed to be and you’re done. Also, since you do not have to tear down anything, you don’t have to spend more on labor.

Second, since the cubicles are movable you do not have to buy new materials to reconstruct a wall or a divider or even a room for that matter.

A movable cubicle is easier to rearrange.

These cubicles are very easy to move around so you can just rearrange them anytime you want. Especially if you are using them as dividers you do not need a crane to lift them up and move them somewhere else. Also companies providing these cubicles render services which help their customers move big cubicles. Since these cubicles range in sizes some companies provide lifting as well as moving services.

Movable CubicleThis feature of this cubicle makes it suitable for offices and work places where frequent rearranging is necessary. For example you are a growing company and every now and then you need to add rooms in your office, using cubicles that are movable is a great way to make sure that everyone in the office is given his own space without having to do major reconstruction. This saves your company money and time. Also, it makes everyone in the office feel that he is given the importance and attention he needs.

A movable cubicle is easier to redesign.

These cubicles come in different designs and colors. They vary in sizes and they may also come in plain colors so you can do the designing yourself. A great example of this is a cubicle made into a bedroom. The owner painted it with his favorite color and moves it in different areas of the house when he wishes to. He also brings his room with him on long trips.

A movable cubicle is made of sturdy material.

Although these cubicles may be considered light weight, they are very sturdy and thus they do not easily get destroyed. This is the thing that is great with these cubicles because they may be used indoors and outdoors.

Cubicles that are used indoors are those that are used as dividers and separators while cubicles used outdoors are those that look like storage units. These are the cubicles that come in very large sizes; you can almost fit two bedrooms in it.

A movable cubicle is easy to acquire.

These cubicles are available almost everywhere in the country because companies who offer this product are willing to deliver them to different states. Contact information for these companies may be found on the yellow pages or they may be found on the internet. Just look up their website and leave a message.

Our generation today is very lucky to have movable cubicles because now moving stuff or rearranging a room is no longer as tedious as it was before. Now one can add divisions to his house and office without having to spend on construction materials and labor.

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The Island of a Thousand Promises

It is undeniable that New York is one of the most famous states in America. The famous rapper Jay-Z and singer Alicia Keys even mentioned it in their collaborative song, “Empire State of Mind”, saying that New York is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of! And who would not know about the Statue of Liberty and New York’s business center, Wall Street? But what most people don’t know is that New York is not all about the city life, In New York is a remarkable island, called Long Island.

Long Island is 118 miles long and is one of the most densely-populated places in the United States.

But surprisingly, the Long Island real estate is not only dedicated to residential areas! In this island are different industries, resorts and other recreational areas, schools, buildings, and it even houses two airports and one of them is the John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport.

Long Island is most commonly associated with two counties, namely Nassau and Suffolk, with Nassau at the west and Suffolk at the eastern part of the island. The Nassau-Suffolk Metropolitan Area comprises the Housing Market Area (HMA) of the island. Nassau County contains more business and industrial centers and it was even ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest counties in America.

real estateOn the other hand, Suffolk County contributes to the growing economy of the island through its world-famous beaches like the Hamptons. Together with urbanization, thousand jobs were generated in the service sectors as new hospitals and universities had been built in the last 5 years.

Although a big part of Long Island, like New York City, is industrialized, a portion of Long island real estate is still agriculturally-driven. Although the Islanders have stopped growing and cultivating potatoes in potato fields, new farm lands have been opened as in vineyards and fruit farms.

real estatesAnd just like any other island in the world, it has its fair share of beautiful and scenic places that people would love to visit. One can find the magnificent Fire Island Lighthouse in Suffolk County as it served as a landmark for sailing ships many years ago. One can also be a little sporty while in Long Island and play golf or Frisbee on its sandy shores. If nostalgia is what you’re looking for, the mansions along the Gold Coast won’t fail to give you the feeling of being swept along time.

Long Island is an island of thousand promises. It can give you a long list of reasons why you should include it in your bucket list. It can give you a long stretch of golden opportunities and a long expanse of land where everything you’ve been looking for can be found!

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Golf Balls and Golf Myths

When Alan Shepard hit golf balls on the moon, he missed once and had the second ball land just a few feet away.Alan Shepard was still just an amateur golfer, albeit a lunar one.

Mission control, being the helpful bloke that he was,gave out tips like “keep your head down”. This is one of the many common misconceptions surrounding golf.

Of course keeping one’s head down is a very logical golf instruction. Golf is a game of precision. The most minute irregular move or position could disrupt a good shot. Most people who knew the sport but have never been close to touching a golf club and even those who actually play will assume that when playing, it is always better to keep one’s head down. According to Bob Grissett, director of instruction at The Golf Academy by The Golf Club in Los Angeles, keeping one’s head down is one of the worst mistakes an amateur golfer could make. When a person keeps their head down when swinging, they restrict their lower body movement, which can cause swaying or sliding.Hitting the ball too soon or too late can also happen when the head is consciously being held down. Grissett said that the better alternative to keeping the head down is learning to manipulate and maintain natural spine angle and other body angles. This way, taking a swing is more comfortable for the golfer and the pivot is not restricted.

golf ball

Even golf equipment is shrouded with the veil of misconception. People “test” golf balls by having them bounce on hard surfaces, believing that the higher they bounce, the farther they will fly on the field. It is a fairly common misconception, as a tour to a sports equipment shop would more or less lead to finding a customer making golf balls bounce on the shop floor. However, this is not necessarily true. There are more factors influencing a flying ball that has been struck by a club head moving at a certain velocity than a ball slightly compressed by a hard surface and went against Earth’s gravity. The stress brought upon by the latter scenario is very minimal compared to the first scenario.Additionally, the projectile is an aspect that is not taken into consideration when the ball is just bouncing up and down.

Another misconception in golf equipment is that the shafts of golf clubs wear out and lose their stiffness.With the exception of damaged or rusted shafts, continuously using a decent-quality golf club will not alter their flex. This is because the stress put on the shaft of a club is not enough to cause metal fatigue in graphite or even steel shafts.

Golf enthusiasts and even professional golfers believe that great putting is what makes a professional better than the rest. After all, placing golf balls in their holes is the first and foremost objective of the game. Putting seems to be the most critical of hits since it is the last. Following this line of thinking, it must mean that better putting contributes most to the score advantage. However, a research conducted by a Columbia Business School professor debunked this widely believed myth.He observed that putting only contributes to 15% of the score lead for the Top 40 Tour players. Driving contributes to better score advantage at 28%, which is mostly due to closing in the distance between the hole and the ball but not necessarily, which has very little to do with accuracy. But what contributes most (by around 40%) is accuracy of the approach shot, because many shots are done from that range, statistically speaking.

These are just a few of common golf myths that most people, players and non-players, believe. There’s definitely a lot more out there. It now depends on you to distinguish between fact and myth, for more details please visit

Stop, look and listen: safety talks for workers with disabilities

People with disabilities require proper care and attention, be it a physical disability, vision or hearing impairment, or a mental health condition. The same goes for disabled workers, staff or employees who need the understanding and patience of their employers and colleagues the most. Some people in the same workplace may find it difficult to understand or fairly treat colleagues that have impairments or disabilities—difficult, true, but not impossible.

If you have a co-worker, office mate or teammate with a disability, you need to be educated properly on disabilities to understand the condition and know the steps to be taken to make your colleague feel comfortable, welcome and accepted.
Conducting safety talks about disabilities will help everyone, including the employers, to comprehend the needs and special treatments required for their disabled employees/colleagues. So, what preparations should be done when arranging for discussions on disabilities in your workplace?

Know your “special” employees/colleagues

There is no point in conducting safety talks on disabilities if you do not know who they are. As an employer or co-worker, you cannot just take a guess on the kind of disabilities some people in your workplace have and discuss them randomly. It will not only make your special workers feel insulted, it will also make them feel insignificant. Get to know these people individually and let them feel that you care enough to seek them out.

Pick the best speaker for the job

The person who will educate the employers or employees on disabilities should be someone who is well-versed on the matter. Pick an expert on the subject – someone who has the proper credentials on dealing with disabilities, or people who have experience with disabilities. They can be people who have loved ones who are disabled, or they themselves could have disabilities. These people are the most suitable speakers because they have actual experiences on disabilities and therefore, can give the most accurate information. Safety talks on disabilities and impairments can also boost the morale of disabled workers and allow them to talk freely about their feelings and experiences.

Choose the most convenient venue

Keynote speakerYou cannot hold talks on disabilities without knowing the kind of disabilities your workers have. It is important that you identify them early on and choose the most convenient and comfortable venue to hold your safety talk. Make sure that the location can easily be accessed by your disabled workers or colleagues, especially the ones with physical disabilities. You should also consider having emergency equipment available for your handicapped workers in case there is a need to use them at the venue.

Make use reading materials, visual aids or presentations if necessary

Sometimes, hearing about disabilities and the importance of understanding them is not enough for other people. For some, they need to see concrete examples in order to understand the situation better. In these cases, you may include reading materials, visual aids, or presentations in your discussions for an interactive and more engaging discussion. Your employees or colleagues will more likely respond if they have a clear vision of the subject, and if the idea is explained in a way that they can understand.

Include activities or games in your safety talks

Conducting safety talks about disabilities does not need to be a one-way street. You can also include activities or games to make the talk more fun, informative and interactive. This way, you can promote engagement of employers, employees, or colleagues with their disabled workers in a more enjoyable and non-threatening environment or scenario. Direct interaction with handicapped workers will help other workers learn about the disabilities naturally.

When dealing with disabled employees or co-workers, it is important that you stop and think about what to do or what you are doing; analyze the situation carefully and lastly, listen to what these disabled workers are telling you. Make them feel like normal people; after all, their disabilities do not make them any less than any other person.

The Benefits of a Misting Fan


A  misting  fan  is  an  appliance  most  people  will  see  in  huge  gatherings  or  in  large  places  where  cooling  is  an  issue.  This  appliance  is  unique.  They  are  basically  an  electric  fan  capable  of  providing  a  cooling  sensation  similar  to  an  air  conditioner.

It  may  not  be  that  apparent  now,  but  in  the  future,  more  and  more  people  will  start  to  get  a  mist  fan.  Whether  it  is  for  the  home,  a  commercial  establishment,  or  outdoor  use,  mist  fans  are  capable  of  providing  a  solution  to  a  lot  of  situations.  Mist  fans  are  a  cost  effective  solution  to  relieve  people  of  heat  stress  during  the  hot  seasons.

There  are  plenty  of  different  reasons  why  will  buy  a  misting  fan.  Below  are  just  some  of  the  benefits  of  owning  a  mist  fan  and  why  people  buy  them.

Clean  and  green

One  of  the  things  that  people  are  very  conscious  of  nowadays  is  the  environment.  People  are  aware  that  using  air  conditioners  can  be  harmful  for  the  environment.  The  planet’s  climate  is  beginning  to  change  because  of  all  the  things  people  have  done.  Heavy  industries,  the  use  of  cars,  and  even  air  conditioners  have  led  to  the  deterioration  of  the  earth’s  environment.

The  nice  thing  about  mist  fans  is  that  they  do  not  produce  any  byproduct  that  is  harmful  to  the  environment.  These  machines  are  capable  of  providing  a  cooling  sensation  similar  to  an  air  conditioner  without  the  drawback  of  harming  mother  earth.  They  also  consume  a  lot  less  energy  which  means  that  users  have  a  smaller  carbon  footprint.

A  misting  fan  is  a  versatile  piece  of  appliance

Mist  fans  are  versatile  pieces  of  machinery.  For  one  thing,  a  mist  fan  can  be  used  both  outdoors  and  indoors.  Mist  fans  are  not  restricted  to  use  in  just  one  area  like  air  conditioners.  Mist  fans  can  be  carried  or  rolled  from  one  place  to  another  for  use.

A  mist  fan  is  also  capable  of  being  useful  in  a  wide  host  of  different  applications  aside  from  cooling  people  off.

For  one  thing,  mist  fans  are  used  in  the  agricultural  industry  to  keep  animals  cool.  The  livestock  industry  benefits  from  animals  that  are  resaid  in  a  healthy  and  comfortable  environment  since  this  promotes  productivity.  The  animals  produce  healthier  offspring,  milk  of  higher  quality  and  so  much  more.

There  are  also  people  in  the  agricultural  industry  who  use  mist  fans  to  control  humidity  in  their  greenhouses.  Greenhouses  are  structures  specially  made  for  plants.  Some  greenhouses  employ  mist  fans  to  control  humidity  and  ensure  the  growth  and  development  of  their  plants.

In  heavy  industries  and  waste  management,  mist  fans  are  used  to  solve  a  wide  array  of  different  problems.  Mist  fans  are  helpful  in  maintaining  the  temperature  of  an  environment  and  keeping  machines  cool.  Heavy  machinery  tends  to  overheat  which  in  turn  causes  them  to  breakdown.  Mist  fans  are  also  used  to  control  dust  or  odor  in  heavy  industrial  facilities.

Cheap  to  get  and  use

Perhaps  one  of  the  main  selling  points  of  mist  fans  is  that  they  are  extremely  cheap  when  compared  to  an  air  conditioner.  Air  conditioners  are  extremely  expensive  for  each  unit.  A  person  can  buy  themselves  several  mist  fans  for  the  price  of  a  single  air  conditioner.  To  make  matters  even  better,  using  those  several  mist  fans  is  probably  a  lot  cheaper  than  using  a  single  air  conditioner.

The  demand  for  electricity  throughout  the  past  years  has  gone  up.  It  is  obvious  that  the  demand  will  only  continue  to  rise.  Getting  a  misting  fan  is  probably  the  best  way  for  a  person  to  stay  cool  whilst  avoiding  having  to  pay  for  an  expensive  electric  bill.