Stop, look and listen: safety talks for workers with disabilities

People with disabilities require proper care and attention, be it a physical disability, vision or hearing impairment, or a mental health condition. The same goes for disabled workers, staff or employees who need the understanding and patience of their employers and colleagues the most. Some people in the same workplace may find it difficult to understand or fairly treat colleagues that have impairments or disabilities—difficult, true, but not impossible.

If you have a co-worker, office mate or teammate with a disability, you need to be educated properly on disabilities to understand the condition and know the steps to be taken to make your colleague feel comfortable, welcome and accepted.
Conducting safety talks about disabilities will help everyone, including the employers, to comprehend the needs and special treatments required for their disabled employees/colleagues. So, what preparations should be done when arranging for discussions on disabilities in your workplace?

Know your “special” employees/colleagues

There is no point in conducting safety talks on disabilities if you do not know who they are. As an employer or co-worker, you cannot just take a guess on the kind of disabilities some people in your workplace have and discuss them randomly. It will not only make your special workers feel insulted, it will also make them feel insignificant. Get to know these people individually and let them feel that you care enough to seek them out.

Pick the best speaker for the job

The person who will educate the employers or employees on disabilities should be someone who is well-versed on the matter. Pick an expert on the subject – someone who has the proper credentials on dealing with disabilities, or people who have experience with disabilities. They can be people who have loved ones who are disabled, or they themselves could have disabilities. These people are the most suitable speakers because they have actual experiences on disabilities and therefore, can give the most accurate information. Safety talks on disabilities and impairments can also boost the morale of disabled workers and allow them to talk freely about their feelings and experiences.

Choose the most convenient venue

Keynote speakerYou cannot hold talks on disabilities without knowing the kind of disabilities your workers have. It is important that you identify them early on and choose the most convenient and comfortable venue to hold your safety talk. Make sure that the location can easily be accessed by your disabled workers or colleagues, especially the ones with physical disabilities. You should also consider having emergency equipment available for your handicapped workers in case there is a need to use them at the venue.

Make use reading materials, visual aids or presentations if necessary

Sometimes, hearing about disabilities and the importance of understanding them is not enough for other people. For some, they need to see concrete examples in order to understand the situation better. In these cases, you may include reading materials, visual aids, or presentations in your discussions for an interactive and more engaging discussion. Your employees or colleagues will more likely respond if they have a clear vision of the subject, and if the idea is explained in a way that they can understand.

Include activities or games in your safety talks

Conducting safety talks about disabilities does not need to be a one-way street. You can also include activities or games to make the talk more fun, informative and interactive. This way, you can promote engagement of employers, employees, or colleagues with their disabled workers in a more enjoyable and non-threatening environment or scenario. Direct interaction with handicapped workers will help other workers learn about the disabilities naturally.

When dealing with disabled employees or co-workers, it is important that you stop and think about what to do or what you are doing; analyze the situation carefully and lastly, listen to what these disabled workers are telling you. Make them feel like normal people; after all, their disabilities do not make them any less than any other person.

The Benefits of a Misting Fan


A  misting  fan  is  an  appliance  most  people  will  see  in  huge  gatherings  or  in  large  places  where  cooling  is  an  issue.  This  appliance  is  unique.  They  are  basically  an  electric  fan  capable  of  providing  a  cooling  sensation  similar  to  an  air  conditioner.

It  may  not  be  that  apparent  now,  but  in  the  future,  more  and  more  people  will  start  to  get  a  mist  fan.  Whether  it  is  for  the  home,  a  commercial  establishment,  or  outdoor  use,  mist  fans  are  capable  of  providing  a  solution  to  a  lot  of  situations.  Mist  fans  are  a  cost  effective  solution  to  relieve  people  of  heat  stress  during  the  hot  seasons.

There  are  plenty  of  different  reasons  why  will  buy  a  misting  fan.  Below  are  just  some  of  the  benefits  of  owning  a  mist  fan  and  why  people  buy  them.

Clean  and  green

One  of  the  things  that  people  are  very  conscious  of  nowadays  is  the  environment.  People  are  aware  that  using  air  conditioners  can  be  harmful  for  the  environment.  The  planet’s  climate  is  beginning  to  change  because  of  all  the  things  people  have  done.  Heavy  industries,  the  use  of  cars,  and  even  air  conditioners  have  led  to  the  deterioration  of  the  earth’s  environment.

The  nice  thing  about  mist  fans  is  that  they  do  not  produce  any  byproduct  that  is  harmful  to  the  environment.  These  machines  are  capable  of  providing  a  cooling  sensation  similar  to  an  air  conditioner  without  the  drawback  of  harming  mother  earth.  They  also  consume  a  lot  less  energy  which  means  that  users  have  a  smaller  carbon  footprint.

A  misting  fan  is  a  versatile  piece  of  appliance

Mist  fans  are  versatile  pieces  of  machinery.  For  one  thing,  a  mist  fan  can  be  used  both  outdoors  and  indoors.  Mist  fans  are  not  restricted  to  use  in  just  one  area  like  air  conditioners.  Mist  fans  can  be  carried  or  rolled  from  one  place  to  another  for  use.

A  mist  fan  is  also  capable  of  being  useful  in  a  wide  host  of  different  applications  aside  from  cooling  people  off.

For  one  thing,  mist  fans  are  used  in  the  agricultural  industry  to  keep  animals  cool.  The  livestock  industry  benefits  from  animals  that  are  resaid  in  a  healthy  and  comfortable  environment  since  this  promotes  productivity.  The  animals  produce  healthier  offspring,  milk  of  higher  quality  and  so  much  more.

There  are  also  people  in  the  agricultural  industry  who  use  mist  fans  to  control  humidity  in  their  greenhouses.  Greenhouses  are  structures  specially  made  for  plants.  Some  greenhouses  employ  mist  fans  to  control  humidity  and  ensure  the  growth  and  development  of  their  plants.

In  heavy  industries  and  waste  management,  mist  fans  are  used  to  solve  a  wide  array  of  different  problems.  Mist  fans  are  helpful  in  maintaining  the  temperature  of  an  environment  and  keeping  machines  cool.  Heavy  machinery  tends  to  overheat  which  in  turn  causes  them  to  breakdown.  Mist  fans  are  also  used  to  control  dust  or  odor  in  heavy  industrial  facilities.

Cheap  to  get  and  use

Perhaps  one  of  the  main  selling  points  of  mist  fans  is  that  they  are  extremely  cheap  when  compared  to  an  air  conditioner.  Air  conditioners  are  extremely  expensive  for  each  unit.  A  person  can  buy  themselves  several  mist  fans  for  the  price  of  a  single  air  conditioner.  To  make  matters  even  better,  using  those  several  mist  fans  is  probably  a  lot  cheaper  than  using  a  single  air  conditioner.

The  demand  for  electricity  throughout  the  past  years  has  gone  up.  It  is  obvious  that  the  demand  will  only  continue  to  rise.  Getting  a  misting  fan  is  probably  the  best  way  for  a  person  to  stay  cool  whilst  avoiding  having  to  pay  for  an  expensive  electric  bill.